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Just Starting Out...2019

KBrooks 2019.png

First…this is me.

Second…what is Interior Architecture? After I got my degree in said terminology I attempted to get work in traditional architecture firms. This never worked for me if only because AutoCAD was just coming into it’s own and I didn’t learn it in my studies. So I went a different direction, choosing instead the main passion of my life which was woodworking. After a few years (just a few mind you…) working in that industry as a shop owner for a time, a lead craftsman in both residential and commercial millwork and cabinetry, and as a production documents engineer for both disciplines, I am now back where I started in my education. Back at the beginning I just wanted to be on a team of great designers, contributing to the amazing work they do in design. Now, I am much more aware that architecture, and interior architecture in my case, is just spacial problem solving for a community or individual.

This then is how I see the practice of Interior Architecture. It is the art of finding solutions to problems within the built space we all live in. It could be a new kitchen design. It could be that you need an out-of-the-box solution to traffic flow in your house or business. It could be a new light you want to design, a new product for your patio, a pergola, a mailbox, a piece of furniture, a chicken koop, or a tiny home. I also believe that the problem solving can be leveled towards your processes. How we approach life becomes patterned. Those patterns can rob us time and money and even relationships. Having someone look at those practices and produce a list of alternatives and even solutions is all part of this term “Interior Architecture” for me.

What is on your mind? Have something that needs to change but you can’t see how? That’s where I am taking this design studio…to service that need for you.

Bob - Stack 6.jpg

Third…this is what used to be a Georgia Red Oak. Starting in the fall I will be working to design who knows what out of all those amazing slabs. The tree was 64” in diameter and this section is 12’ long. Keep your eye on the blog for updates to this process.

Logo Design.jpeg

Lastly, I am working on branding right now with Jameson McMaster which should affect changes to this space by mid-summer. As I have said before, keep coming back for updates. Thanks for visiting. Send an email if your intrigued. Looking forward to the future.